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Here is the tutorial for the cork phone bag that I have promised!  Bear with me, this is my very first Blog post ever!

Finished size is 8" tall and 6" wide.

What you will need:

cork - 18"x7" + a few scraps (Or two 9"x7")

lining fabric - 18"x7" (or 14"x9")

woven fusible interfacing (optional) - 18"x7" (or 14"x9")

zipper tape - 8" + pull (I get mine from Blue Calla)

cork cording (5mm) - 1.5-2 yards

optional - 3" strapping (1/2' or 3/4")



Cut 1 each of the following in cork, lining and interfacing:

back - 7" x 9"

front top - 7" x 2"

front bottom - 7" x 7"

Cut from cork:

2 strap tabs - 1.5" x 3/4" (or 1.5" strapping)

zipper tab - 1" x  1.25" (optional)


Step 1:

If using the interfacing, fuse the woven fusible interfacing pieces to the wrong side of the matching lining pieces.


Step 2:

Attach zipper pull to zipper tape, then sew a line of stitching over the closed end of the zipper as close to the end as possible. Optional - Take your zipper tab and place it so a 1/2" of the zipper tape is covered. Sew it in place.  

TIP: a zip tab is recommended if your machine will not sew over nylon coil zip tape or if using metal zip tape. 


This is what it should look like from the backside.

This is what it should look like from the front. 


Step 3:

Place a mark on the right side of the top lining and bottom lining at 3/4"" (on both ends).  Place your assembled zipper (teeth facing up) on top of the right side of the top lining piece.  Match up one of the 3/4" markings with the sewn edge of the zip tab. 

Sew zipper in place with a 1/8" seam allowance, stop at the 3/4" mark on the other end.  Using a stiletto tool, fold the end of the zipper back onto itself at a 90 degree angle, sew over the zipper to keep in place.


Place the top exterior cork piece on top off the zipper, right side down.  Sew along the same side, this time with a 1/4" seam allowance.  

Flip the sewn piece right sides out, finger press to flatten the seams and top stitch  the full length above the zipper.

REPEAT Step 3 for the front bottom pieces, however this time you will start the opposite way - with the folding of the open zip end first.


Step 4:

Fold a strap tab in half, place the open ends just above the zipper on the top front of your bag, sew in place.  Repeat for the other side.

Step 5:

Time to layer your bag!  Take the exterior back piece and place it on your mat facing up.  OPEN YOUR ZIPPER!!! Then place your assembled front on top with the exteriors facing each other, the lining will be facing up.  Then place your interior back lining piece on top with the right sides together. Like so:

Clip all edges in place, but fold the linings up (along the bottom edge) approx 3/4" like this:

Take the sides of the lining bottoms and fold them away from each other , making a triangle on the corners:

Sew all the way around the bag, making sure to not sew through the bottom of the lining.

Step 6:

Flip and Finish!

Pull your bag through the bottom of the lining, this is a good time to finger poke the top corners out.  Once your bag is flipped, tuck the exterior into the lining,  line up the bottom fold and sew it shut using a narrow seam allowance.

Tuck the lining right into the bag and finger roll out the bottom corners.

Take one end of your cork cording and pull it through the strap connector - knot it up! Repeat to the other side.

Here is a great youtube tutorial on different knot tying techniques

All Done!! 

Feel free to get creative with it! Use up the small scraps and make a patchwork one, add weaving or ribbon - Have FUN!

Please share your cork phone bags with me on my facebook page/group or on instagram!







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