Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your cork?
I import the cork you see here from a manufacturer in Portugal.

Why cork?
Cork is an ecofriendly alternative to leather that is natural, sustainable, vegan, and PETA certified. The cork bark is peeled from the tree by skilled labourmen without harming the tree. The same tree can be reharvested every 9 years for up to 300! Cork leather is as strong as it's animal counterpart, water resistant and has naturally occurring antibacterial & antimildew properties.

Is it durable?
The cork I carry has been treated to be stain resistant (Scotch Guard) and has had a UV treatment and an abrasion treatment. They have been tested in external labs for abrasion (martindale test), UV resistance, Vamp Flex,and Ignition (fire).

Does the dye run when wet?

Does cork have a backing?
Yes, it is attached to a soft, flexible fabric backing.

Can you leave the edges "raw"?
Yes you can.

Is it easy to sew?
Oh my word YES!!!! It's really the most favourite substrate I've EVER sewn. Easier than vinyl or leather, and more forgiving.

What foot/needle do you use?
Personally I use a teflon foot, but I know many people have great success with their regular feet. As for needle, I use titanium 90/14 on my industrial, and Microtex 90/14 on my domestic - NOTE: EVERY machine behaves differently, find what's right for your project and your machine.

If it is folded, does it crease?
Yes it will, this is why I will be sending it to you rolled, rather than folded. The folds will come out (a VERY low iron from the back), but it takes time and patience, both not something I have a lot of ;)

Does it need to be interfaced?
Personally I do not interface my cork, I will use sew in stabilizers like stiff stuff or foam for structured bags but no need for woven fusible (sf101).

Can you iron it?
Not recommended, high heat can damage the adhesives and cause cracking and/or peeling. 

Does it stand up to machine embroidery?

Here’s a great post on CLEANING your cork bag:
Can I scotch guard the cork?
No need to - it has already been done at the factory! I’m not sure of the chemical composition difference between the one we would buy and the industrial type so please either cover the cork overlays OR try on a swatch first.

Any questions I missed? PLEASE don't hesitate to ask!